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Check out all the fun we have while learning at the Academy of Dreams!

All About Learning


During the month of February we worked especially hard on learning about famous artists and their pieces of art. We also created our own art books that we took to the Detroit Institute of Arts at the end of the month. 


During the month of March, we are focusing our curriculum on nature in preparation for a field trip to the Department of Natural Resources. Check back soon for pictures!

Social and Communication

The Academy of Dreams is a place where students are encouraged to communicate and socialize freely. We also teach the students proper skills to communicate with others. To build communication skills, we practice restaurant/serving skills each week in class. 

Chores and Maintnence

Each week we train the students on how to do household chores and building maintenance. The students look to be responsible for taking care of messes. 


Cooking is an important aspect in being independent. Here at the academy, we learn safe handling and preparation of food. Then we apply the learning in the kitchen. 

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