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About the Academy of Dreams

Our Mission

Academy of Dreams is a program for special needs students over the age of sixteen.  Our program encourages continued growth and independence in our special people thorugh functional education, daily living and employment skill building.  In addition to basic education, our lessons include restaurant serving skills, cooking, crafts and field trips.

Michigan is one of the few states that has schooling for special needs students up until the age of twenty-six.  Many parents have wondered what comes next?  Academy of Dreams hopes to be that next step.  Our future goals include:

1.  Opening an official 26+ Monday through Thursday school year program

2.  Further enlargement of the student base by including those 18-26

3.  Continued growth in our Friday evening and Saturday afternoon social programs

Regardless of where we are in the achievement of these goals, our core focus will remain the same.  Education, employment and daily living skill building that empower our special needs community to reach their dreams while giving back to the community.  With your support, our students' educational and work skills will assist and inspire their communities well into the future.

If you know of anyone interested in registering for our program, volunteering, advertising in our booklet or making a donation please contact us.


Empowering people with special needs to reach their dreams while giving back to the community.

Where dreams become opportunities.

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