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Board of Directors

Sandy Delaney 2018.png
Ms. Sandy
President and Founder

After working in the medical field for many years, Sandy decided to focus on her passion for working with people that have special needs.  Sandy's own son, who has Down Syndrome, was her inspiration for creating Academy of Dreams.  She now focuses solely on developing and running the program.  When she does have free time, Sandy enjoys watching movies, reading books, playing sports and spending time with her children and granddaughter.

Mr. Bob
Vice President and Adviser

Prior to the launch of the Academy of Dreams, Bob had his own plans to create a Christian program for the special needs community. Once he discovered that Sandy had similar plans of her own, he decided to work with her to create an organization that combined both of their ideas. Bob uses his 50 years of experience as a business owner to help build the program. His drive for this type of work comes from his adult son with special needs. Bob puts most of his time into his business and the Academy of Dreams but when he has extra time, he enjoys going to see movies and reading books. 

Mr. Pat
Treasurer and Music Director

In 2003, Pat and his wife adopted a young girl with special needs. Pat and his family have been down many roads they never imagined being down while raising their wonderful daughter. Pat met the people at the Academy of Dreams and wanted to get involved with other people that had been down those same roads.  He brings his musical expertise to the Academy of Dreams and shares his talents with the students in various formats.  In his free time, Pat enjoys singing and playing guitar in his classic rock band, raising money for special needs charities with the Knights of Columbus, hunting, fishing and spending time with his wife of 31 years, 5 children and 2 grandchildren. 

Ms. Sheryle

Sheryle's drive to be part of the Academy of Dreams comes from her 15 year old daughter who has Down Syndrome. She is also a member of Families Exploring Down Syndrome. Sheryle is  the Director of Operations for All Team Staffing, a company that provides staffing for the hospitality industry. Sheryle shares her business acumen with the Academy of Dreams and its board.  In her free time, Sheryle really enjoys being on the water. In fact, that is how her and her daughter spend most of the summer. 

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